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Bits & Pieces
Bits & Pieces

July 2016




If the Church of the Acts had overlooked iniquity and by passed evil and smilingly looked the other way while the devil sneaked into every phase of her life as we have seen done today, Christianity would have died in infancy. –Vance Havner. One of the great things which is missing today in Christian preaching  is repentance for both sinner and saint!  God says, “Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.”




I want to call your attention to this fact, that there never has been anything good from the time that God put Adam and Eve in the Garden, that didn’t have enemies ---  bitter enemies. We must expect opposition. If a work as no enemies God is not in it.  Everything that has ever been good in this world has had bitter enemies. –D. L. Moody. That is why God has given us the Christian’s armor – Ephesians 6:12-18.  However, the armor will not do one thing for you unless you put it on.




Sin is nothing to play with. It has the strength to defeat you if you get too close to it with confidence in your own strength to overcome. A well-to-do man advertised for a chauffeur. His first question was, “How close to the edge of a cliff can you come without going over?” One man said, “A yard.” Another said, “A Foot.”  A third replied, “I always stay as far away as I possibly can.” The third man got the job.  He who underestimates the strength of the enemy is in danger of defeat. –Copied.  God says, “Fools make a mock at sin.” A word to the wise is sufficient!




“Then said Jesus unto his disciples, “If any man will come after me, let him take up his cross and follow me.” ~Matthew 16:24.  General Gordon was a great man of God. When the English government sought to reward him for his magnificent service in China, he declined all money and titles. Finally, he accepted a gold medal inscribed with his name and his 33 engagements. After his death, the medal could not be found. Upon reading his diary, they found he had sent it to Manchester during a famine saying it should be melted down and be used to buy bread for the poor. His diary for that day read: “The last and only thing that I had in this world that I valued, I have now given over to the Lord Jesus Christ.”



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